Friday, April 26, 2019

Testimonials on Chinese Culture and Language Programs


Lulu has been teaching the bestchance Kindergarten children Chinese every Friday morning for the duration of Term 3 2009.  Lulu's program has fostered the children's learning and development and has promoted diversity and respect through the introduction of different cultures into the program. 

Lulu has shared her culture with the Kindergarten and has been an influential educator for the children, building positive and warm relationships with the children.  Lulu takes the time to inquire, learn about and understand the Kindergarten group with the teacher, seeking to know the children's interests and dynamics to incorporate into her educational program to ensure maximum attention, interest and active participation occurs in her classes. 

Lulu has captured the children's interest, enthusiasm and participation during her lessons through using a variety of interactive teaching methods, repetition and opportunities for the children to master the challenges posed including, incorporating songs with props, visuals, literature, movement activities and games.  Lulu's classes have taught the children about Chinese culture and how to speak Chinese words including greetings, manners, numbers, animals and some phrases.

 Lisa Cameron
4 year old Kindergarten teacher
bestchance Child Family Care, Glen Waverley.

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